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GB2RS Celebrates 50 Years

The Radio Society of Great Britain is planning a series of celebratory news broadcasts to mark the 50th anniversary of its GB2RS news service. The broadcasts will start on 25 September 2005 exactly 50 years after the first GB2RS transmission was made by G6MB and continue at regular intervals over the subsequent five weeks. To mark this special occasion, the RSGB is hoping to include a greeting from its patron - HRH, The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh within the broadcasts. The RSGB has also requested that communications regulator Ofcom allows the society to use a special event station callsign - GB50RS - during the celebratory period.



Icom is lending its support to a special event celebrating the Bi-Centenary commemoration of the Battle of Trafalgar. This by supplying most of the gear to a special event station which is being run by the Cray Valley Radio Society . The station will operate from the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich in South East London for an 8-day period from October 17th to the 24th. Icom will provide the main operating equipment comprising four base stations providing the means for the team to communicate worldwide. The battle of Trafalgar fought in 1805 is considered by many as one of the most decisive naval engagements in history, both tactically and strategically. It not only eliminated Napoleon's plans to invade England, but also destroyed French naval power and ensured the dominance of the British navy throughout the world. The Cray Valley Radio Society is no stranger to operating high profile special event stations. The club manned the highly successful Millennium special event station M2000A, making 48,000 QSOs in two months. For more details of the society, please visit www.cvrs.org on the World-Wide-Web. (Icom America)


ARRL E-Mail Forwarding Service to add spam filtering, virus scanning

The popular and free ARRL E-Mail Forwarding Service will get even better starting in early September. In response to users' requests, the ARRL E-mail Forwarding Service will be adding spam filtering and virus scanning on messages sent to <call sign>@arrl.net addresses for forwarding to League members' established e-mail accounts. Best of all, the service will continue to be available to ARRL members at no additional cost. The ARRL E-Mail Forwarding Service provides members with a uniform e-mail address that remains the same even if they switch e-mail service providers. A switch in vendors has made it possible for ARRL to include these important new features, which will help to reduce the amount of spam that arrives via ARRL E-Mail Forwarding Service addresses as well as provide members an additional layer of protection from malicious, virus-laden messages. "Unfortunately, no single spam or virus filter is guaranteed to catch 100 percent of undesirable e-mail traffic," cautions ARRL Chief Financial Officer Barry Shelley, N1VXY. "Everyone should always protect their own personal computer with appropriate security software, but these new features should help reduce the amount of spam and viruses our members taking advantage of this service have to deal with." The new features are being made possible through a switch to Interbridge, the League's corporate Internet Service Provider. This means members using the ARRL E-Mail Forwarding Service now will get the same spam filtering and virus scanning League Headquarters receives from Interbridge. Currently more than 65,000 ARRL members and clubs use the ARRL E-Mail Forwarding Service. Members can sign up for this service by visiting the ARRL Members Only Web Page and clicking on "The ARRL E-Mail Forwarding Service."


DXCC Desk approves operations for DXCC credit

The ARRL DXCC Desk has approved these operations for DXCC credit: KH9/AH8H, Wake Island, for operations in 2003 and 2004; TT8BZ, Chad, March 31-August 23, 2005; 5X1B, Uganda, August 3-12, 2005. For more information, visit the DXCC Web page http://www.arrl.org/awards/dxcc/. "DXCC Frequently Asked Questions" can answer most questions about the DXCC program http://www.arrl.org/awards/dxcc/faq/ ARRL DX bulletins are available on the W1AW DX Bulletins page http://www.arrl.org/w1aw/dx/


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